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Estate Planning

You created your family wealth, but how can you ensure it passes to the people and causes you love? Planning for any eventuality can provide you and your family with comfort now and a smoother transition when the time comes later.

Reviewing your life insurance is often part of an estate plan, whether it is a term policy to address the needs of the surviving spouse and family, or a permanent policy used for estate liquidity or enhancement. Reevaluate the purpose for the insurance you currently have and review the type, term and amount of insurance to ensure it is appropriate. Also, review the ownership and beneficiary designations of your policies to make certain they are aligned with your overall estate plan. 


It’s never too early to plan ahead. An Ifft & Palmer strategy can help you gain more control over your financial future and what you leave behind, so you can move forward with confidence.  Contact Ifft & Palmer for a full review of all of your life insurance policies.

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