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Investment Advisory

The Investment Advisory Process

  1. Understanding Your Goals

The process begins with understanding your current financial picture and what you want to accomplish.

  1. Personalizing Your Asset Allocation

Drawing on more than 40,000 securities, sophisticated portfolio analytics, and in-depth research, we can construct a portfolio unique to your goals and objectives.

  1. Diversifying Your Portfolio

We’ll work together to build out a diversified portfolio, drawing on a combination of investment vehicles, including some typically only available to institutional investors.

  1. Monitoring and Rebalancing Over Time

We will monitor your portfolio to keep it within the selected asset allocation and risk profile, working with you to ensure it’s still aligned with your goals.

The Investment Advisory Programs

Client Centered

The Advisor Program is a high-touch, fully custom investment solution that keeps us connected as we create, allocate, and manage your portfolio on a daily basis. As always, we start with your plans for the future. What are you investing for? How will this portfolio work in concert with your other investments? Then, combining our guidance and the insights of professional investment managers, we’ll build a portfolio designed to help you lead a more enriching life.

  • Access to numerous securities, including mutual funds, equities, bonds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), variable annuities, and other sophisticated investment products
  • Allocations customized to your personal needs with the option of moving between stocks, bonds, and cash
  • Investment product research and screening
  • Monthly statements for a clear overview of account activity
  • Easy-to-understand quarterly performance reports
Client Centered

The Unified Program is a unique solution that pairs the sophistication and flexibility of being invested in multiple portfolios with the simplicity and cost savings of having just one account. With the Unified Program, we can create an investment account of exceptional breadth and customization— but also remarkable transparency and efficiency— designed to help you lead a more enriching life.

  • Ideal for asset gatherers looking to outsource portfolio construction and implementation
  • Highly flexible and strategist-focused
  • Ability to combine any number of models in one custodial account, including models created by you and by third-party investment managers and strategists
  • Broad choice with access to more than 100 strategists offering over 1,000 mutual fund and ETF portfolios, and 300 separate account managers offering over 700 strategies
  • Guidance on strategy selection via the Fund Strategist Portfolio Featured List and SMA Preferred Strategy List
  • Time savings from outsourcing rebalancing and trading to an overlay portfolio manager

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